European Lamp w/ Filtration

European Lamp w/ Filtration

With the innovative Euro Filtration Lamp, harmful odors and finely-grained nail dust is removed from the air to increase health and sanitation.

Excellent craftsmanship and sleek modern design in a metallic silver finish plus state-of-the-art technology come together in an attractive unit that is easy to assemble, install , and operate.

The 12 volt energy efficient LED lamp also uses less electricity than conventional lamps making it a great choice over ordinary manicure lamps.

Silent yet powerful, efficient and economical, the Euro Filtration lamp makes your work place brighter, cleaner, and greener!



Powerful Motor & Fan:
The cyclone system vacuums pollutants by removing harmful odors and finely-grained nail dust from the air using a suction motor.
The top of the fan can also be used to air-dry hands as well. The f